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We are so thrilled to announce our new site and blog are up!  Be sure to check it out here.  This blog has been transferred (so you won’t miss any past post) and we encourage you to subscribe to our new blog.

Thanks, as always, for your support.  We appreciate that you have choices and we are thrilled you chose Lüt.

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DRC – Copenhagen Trade Show – Love it!

Some gorgeous shots care of Designer Remix Collection.  And for those addicted to this brand, new arrivals are coming soon so be sure to stay tuned!

New Ebon Aves! Still Local but Now Organic!

He continues to do it; each delivery of new Ebon Aves graphic tees feels like Christmas.  We know the graphic will rock but each time he manages to one up himself and completely amaze us.

Here is a teaser of the latest offering and, as always, stock is limited!

See you soon!

Featured Sale Item – Wool Pea Coat!

This is for the gents!  Tailored, smart and timeless; with this pea coat you can do no wrong!

Regular price $279, NOW $195 and only two left so act fast.

Featured Sale Items – Hand knitted Sweaters!

Yes it is cold and grey outside but Lüt still has some incredible sale items.  Today’s featured sale items are the hand knitted sweaters from one of our most treasured designers Margit Brandt.  Available in both the long or short version, and in grey or black, this sweater literally can work anywhere!!

Regular price $230.  Now only $161!  Only two left in grey – so hurry!

Regular price $175.  Now only $123!  Only two left in store!

See you soon!

Mark Your Calendars – April Lacheur Solo Show!

Lüt is thrilled to announce our next artist – April Lacheur!  Her first solo show, Roots and Feathers, will be decorating our walls from February 1st until April 30th.  Opening reception is February 3rd, from 6pm to 9pm, with wine and nibbles by Chef Renato.  See you there!

5 Wardrobe Essentials – Him and Her

January is our closet detox month, when we offer suggestions on how to best build (and perhaps edit) your wardrobe for 2011.

Now that your wardrobe is organized, you may find it has holes.  You get to fill in those holes by … drum roll please … shopping!  For those of us who adore this ‘sport’, this is essentially the reward for the dreaded detox.  For those of you who have yet to find their inner shopper, these tips will help make your shopping trip quick, simple and nearly painless.  Enlisting that trusted aide here can be very useful also.

There are several elements that make a stylish closet.  Here we outline our five essential pieces that should round out your wardrobe quite nicely. Be cautious and thoughtful when updating your wardrobe. Take your time to ensure you end up with the best quality, best fit and most appropriate piece for your lifestyle.  There is no need to complete your list in one day – in this case slow and steady does indeed win the race.

Lastly think about cost per wear.  The initial price tag might be a bit more than you planned.  But – if it fits you like a glove plus works well both day and night then your cost per wear is lower than items that will be discarded in next year’s detox.  Food for thought.

Ladies first;

The Blazer, in black or dark charcoal.  The Blazer is a very versatile piece that can take you from a day at the office to dinner and drinks with the girls.  A woman in a blazer steals the room.  She means business.

White Button Down.  This classic staple can be as modern and avant-garde as you choose.  Here focus on fit (shoulder seams and breast darts specifically) as well as styling options.  There are some great longer versions that can work with leggings for a more casual feel.

Neutral Trench – thank you Burberry!  This old favourite just keeps coming back.  Show your youthful side with a bold lining or stay true to the original plaid.  As Burberry is not in most people’s budget, take comfort in knowing there are great versions at all price points.  This one definitely requires you to shop around.

LBD – your Little Black Dress.  This staple has people divided.  There are those who think one LBD will suffice for all occasions and there are those (yes us!) who believe that you can never have enough!  This go-to favourite can work at a variety of occasions and at many price points.  We recommend investing in several versions as some will have more va-voom than the office party can handle!

The handbag – like shoes it pays to invest here.  For an item that will be with you nearly 365 days a year this bad boy needs to be built for a lot of wear and tear.  Investing in a leather handbag is always a smart move.  Leather is not only durable, it can be cleaned.  This can breathe new life into your old faithful.  Choosing a bag with multiple strap options adds to its versatility and stick with a classic shade so you do not date your selection.


Fitted Dress Shirt – fit, fit fit!  Something with a bit of stretch will fit you whether you have been religious or not about the gym.  Opt for classic shades and don’t be scared of a quiet print.  In this case once you find your fit purchasing several versions of this piece is always a smart move.

Cardigan or layering piece.  Gents you love hoodies and more often than not the ladies hate them.  Cardigans are a great option but just not in the style cards for some men.  A classic, minimal logo or graphic hoodie can be a great compromise.  Select a slim fit knit version or organic bamboo as both offer warmth and a touch more sophistication than anything found at Sportscheck.

The Dark Denim – the go-to.  Dark denim is every man’s secret weapon, or it should be .  And just like the ladies LBD, boys you can never have enough!  Be playful with cuts (anything slim to straight) and details (pocket stitching and cuffs etc) and know that these can work day or night, with sneakers or dress shoes.  Cold water wash and hang to dry if you want to keep them looking fine.

The Trench or Leather Jacket – what can you handle?  Anything double-breasted, tailored, zippered and well made will work here.  Going with a dark navy, black or brown with help lengthen your cost per wear.  Focus on the length of the jacket, being sure not to shorten your stature with something too long.  Spending more here can improve fit and fabric. Plus, shop with a friend.

The Hat – this is what gentlemen wear and we are not talking about baseball caps boys!  Styles here are endless and season can play a huge factor, so focus on shapes that fit your face.  Disregard trends and take comfort in knowing that greats like Humphrey Bogart and James Stewart rocked this accessory.  But remove when inside and at the dinner table … please.

Now go and get shopping!